Thursday, 5 September 2013

♥ What i'm wearing ♥ 26-31AUGUST2013

i'm pretty busy with work T_T but i promise i'll update more often!!! and as for the closing of yahoo blog, i'll keep u update on where i'll move and all the details!!! for those who have instagram, please follow me for now :) STEPHKYLAI


As you can see below, i'm wearing casual most of the days this week :)))) it's soooooo nice not to worry about doing my make up and hair!!!! hahaha but it'll only last for another week or so and i'll be back to the office attire with full makeup and hairup look!!!!

(打* item = 唔係今季/近期嘅)

(left) top:COS  bottom:CLUB MONACO*  shoes:STELLA MCCARTNEY*
(middle)  top:GAP  bottom:TOPSHOP* 
(right)  tank:GAP  shirt:ZARA*  bottom:UNIQLO

(left) top:ZARA*  shoes:RUSSELLS & BROMLEY*
(middle) top:ZARA 
(right) top:GAP 

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